Welcome to Nightfall Overland! In 2018, we set out to create a line of premium-quality textile goods for vans, overlanders, and expedition vehicles. We’ve been in the outdoor goods textile manufacturing industry for almost a decade, selling Colorado-made goods user-direct. And, we’ve been driving trucks and vans to go camp in the mountains or desert for decades. We figured we should combine two worlds of experience into a new venture, as we’re always coming up with projects for our own vehicles.

Now, in 2019, we’re officially launching Nightfall Overland with a limited line of products, developed over months or years. We intend to start small and slowly add new products as we dream up and develop them. Every piece we make is built in our small facility in Durango, Colorado, by our small production team. We are proud to provide real-world living wages for our employees; we value quality American-built products and quality American jobs.

On the business end of things - selling and shipping products - we know that quality product means little if the customer service doesn’t match. We reply to all emails in a very timely manner, ship all orders quickly, and are happy to help with anything you may need!

Thanks for visiting the new site!